Yes I am still alive

By David L. Brown

Well, it has been about five years since I posted anything here, and if there is anyone out there (Hello-o-o?) you may have thought I had passed beyond the realm of the living. Not so, for as Mark Twain famously said “The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

Anyway, yes, I live and have been busily engaged in things other than blogging. It is a shame that all the effort of past years lies untended and abandoned. I have often thought that I should edit a collection of some of my essays (there are some 400+ of them on this site) and publish it as a book. Perhaps I will, in the sweet by and by.

Just wanted to check in and really, to test the site to make sure it still works. The world has changed dramatically in the more than a decade since I first began writing here. I may soon begin to post again, and the direction of my thoughts will be quite different from in the past.

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