Meet the Author

David L. BrownDavid L. Brown is the author of Promise of the Phoenix, the novel series that inspired the Star Phoenix Base initiative and this website. Presently the first two books of the series, Quest of the Seekers and Phoenix Arisen, are complete and available as Kindle eBooks.

Besides the Phoenix series David is the author of the science fiction thriller Quantum Cowboy and the non-fiction book Dead End Path: How Industrial Agriculture Has Stolen Our Future, an extended essay on how population, resource depletion and environmental destruction have led human civilization to the brink of disaster. Both these books are available in print and eBook versions from Amazon and other sources.

A graduate of the top-ranked University of Missouri School of Journalism, David has many years of experience as a journalist, editor, freelance writer and photographer. He has particular expertise in the fields of science, technology, nature, agriculture and health. Widely traveled, in addition to his writing he is an internationally known landscape photographer and has a deep life-long interest in science and the natural world.

David is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Society of Professional Journalists (presently immediate past president of the New Mexico chapter),  and the American Society of Media Photographers (Life Member). Based In New Mexico, following the death of his wife Patricia in June, 2011, he has become a full-time RVer accompanied by his cat Tiggy. Tiggy, for her part, is (with some assistance) writing a regular column for the Bosque Beast (a bi-monthly tabloid paper about animals) and posts on her own blog here (click on the link “Travels with Tiggy” in the sidebar). The duo are spending Winter, 2011-12 in the Corpus Christi, TX area.

David is presently writing a new novel and planning a documentary words-and-pictures project.

UPDATE: September 29, 2016

Well, it’s been about five years and I have been off doing other things. Tiggy passed suddenly not long after I wrote the above, and “her” last column was her obituary. I was devastated by her loss, since she was the last connection with my late wife and the life I had shared for a half century.

I have been living for four years in Moab, UT, where I have been a camp host, photo tour guide and workshop leader, fine art photographer, and photography columnist for a local rag. Since my last report I have written and published three new books. They are a murder mystery, an action-adventure story about a young woman who meets an ancient alien, and a non-fiction book on the art of writing fiction. You can read all about them at my publishing company website My photo business web site is

I am thinking I might begin to post once more on this web site. Much has happened in the last five years, and I have changed in some of my ideas. The dangers of the future that were my focus have grown nearer and the threats are looking worse each day. Stay tuned.