There Is an Infection Loose in America

By David L. Brown

I have been more concerned about this election than any during my lifetime, and I was born during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s second term in office. I have closely followed current events, not as reported by the mainstream media which has failed in its responsibility and for the most part acted in a completely one-sided and biased way. Thankfully there are other sources of information, thanks to the internet, or else we would have no idea of what is actually going on. The story is out there, but thanks to the bias of the media it is not seen by most Americans. This is a tragedy.

What we have seen, played up in a day-to-day drumbeat of “news,” is the most incredible series of attacks on the Republicans, especially Sarah Palin, in modern political history. Lies are stacked on lies, and when any objection is raised the objections themselves are turned into more lies. Anyone who speaks out is immediately called a liar and a rascist.

One of the things that is particularly disturbing is the thuggish behavior of liberals who commit crimes in support of their candidate. Most Americans have not heard much about ACORN, but that is an organization that is now under investigation in ten states for voter fraud. It is made up of liberal activists called “community organizers” (sound familiar?).This is an organization with which the Democratic candidate has deep personal connections going back to the days when he himself was a “community organizer.” His campaign has donated $800,000 to support ACORN’s work.

I am also deeply concerned about stories about how any expression of support for the opposition candidate is likely to be met with criminal and even violent action. For example, I have heard that any vehicle bearing a McCain bumper sticker is likely to be keyed, spray painted, or its tires slashed. Perhaps that is why I have not seen a single McCain bumper sticker — not one. The Republicans are learning that they no longer live in a country that enjoys freedom of speech and expression, much less political opinion.

I decided to try an experiment, a simple demonstration of my patriotism and desire to be part of the electoral process. I (gasp) put a McCain sign in my front yard at 4:30 p.m. on September 29, exactly two weeks ago today and made a note on the calendar so tht I would be able to document how long the sign had been up. To provide background, I live in an upscale, middle class neighborhood in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. The deputy chief of the New Mexico State Police lives next door, and the Chief himself lives catty-corner across the street.

Upshot of my little experiment: Today my house was vandalized with particular attention to the McCain sign, as pictured here:


The vandals apparently used catsup, mustard and honey to disfigure my driveway and part of my house. Front window screens were squirted with honey. Here is a view of the driveway as it appeared this afternoon. The dark streaks appear to be dried honey.

Those streaks not going to be easy to remove, but it is not the damage that concerns me as much as the evil, anti-American mentality that lies behind it. It is sad but true that after calling the police and showing an officer what had been done so that he could make a report, I took down the sign. I did it not from fear, really, but from anger and the practical desire to protect myself and my wife from any further attacks. These people are unhinged, and unhinged people are dangerous.

The officer who took the report had served as a Marine in both Afghanistan and Iraq. To say the least, he was sympathetic and shared my anger. He told me of his little brother who is in the ROTC program at the University of New Mexico and who last week attended a rally for John McCain at the university campus. He described how raving Hippie-style students were running up and down the aisles as McCain tried to speak, waving signs and screaming support for the other candidate and generally disrupting the event. This is not how America is supposed to be.

I asked the policeman “What kind of people would do something like this?” He had the answer in one word: “Terrorists.”

Yes, here and everywhere else in America there are domestic political terrorists at work. They may not yet be engaging in suicide bombing and insurgencies, but they are low-grade terrorists none the less. How long before they escalate the madness and innocents begin to die?
I am truly frightened, not so much for myself as for America. There is an implacable evil loose in the land, it seems, and it is real. It is everywhere, in every neighborhood, every city and town, like some alien thing from a horror movie.

When my wife mentioned to the police officer that the events we see unfolding reminded her of the Nazis under Hitler, he not only agreed, he said it is worse. Perhaps that is going too far, but I am not so sure. The goal of the rampaging supporters of “change” seems to be to change our country into something that we would not even recognize, and in which few of us might wish to live.

And that is the most frightening and disturbing part of it all. Despite what our nation’s enemies may say, and there are many in the world, America is the shining beacon of hope for civilization. Nowhere else is there the freedom, the pride, the commitment to what is good and decent than here, and those virtues are under attack from a movement of deranged and dangerous individuals who hate their own country and apparently would be happy to bring her to her knees.

One final note: I recently visited the McCain headquarters in Albuquerque to volunteer to drive voters to the polls on election day. Sadly, tomorrow I will call them to withdraw that offer — not because I am afraid, but because my wife is afraid for my safety.


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