A Cautionary Tale of the Near Future

The title “Star Phoenix Base” comes from the novel series Promise of the Phoenix, set in what might at first seem to be a fantastic world of the future … and yet one that is all too possible. Author David L. Brown was motivated by the desire to bring to life the possible results of the many dangers that are facing humanity and our only home, the Planet Earth.

The Star Phoenix is the name of an interstellar ship built to carry survivors from a devastated Earth to a new beginning in far-off space. Set in the late 21st century — not at all too far distant in time — the story describes a world that has been destroyed by climate change, war, famine, plague, economic collapse and social breakdown. Against this background of disaster at a time in which billions have died and untold numbers of species have become extinct, a story of courage, hope and resolve plays itself out as a group of desperate survivors strive to escape from the destroyed Earth.

Promise of the Phoenix provides a warning about the errors of humanity’s ways and the dangers that face our species — and indeed all life on Earth — in the uncertain future that lies ahead. It is an exciting adventure story that will not only entertain, but may cause some readers to think more deeply about present social and environmental trends. The first two books, Quest of the Seekers and Phoenix Arisen, are now complete and available as Kindle eBooks. Print versions are in production, and a third book is now in the planning stage.

What makes this series different is that the frightening possibilities it portrays are all too possible, for the gloomy future it describes is based on extrapolation of present trends. There are ominous signs that all those dangers are actually beginning to take place now.

The fictional series is intended to both entertain and inform. On the first level it is an exciting adventure with an interesting cast of characters and dramatic action. As a cautionary tale of the future that may await humankind should we fail to heed the many warning signs of global distress, it is a grim reminder that all may not be well for our children and grandchildren.