The Medical-Pharmaceutical Machine

By David L. Brown

Modern medicine has been taken hostage by the international pharmaceutical industry, and the system is broken. This comes more clearly into focus with every passing day.

The goal of the Pharm Pholks, and the medical practitioners they have co-opted, is to create and push band-aid drugs that “treat” illness by suppressing symptoms, thus locking patients into life-long economic and drug dependancy. In addition, their success in inducing government agencies to accept ever-growing health care costs is bankrupting states and even entire nations. We view this as possibly one of the most atrocious criminal conspiracies in history.

Star Phoenix has a strong interest in reporting, commenting on, and analyzing developments in this field. We believe that it is of utmost importance to rein in the runaway Med-Pharm complex before it can bring down our entire society. We also are concerned at the medical community’s refusal to take responsibility for prevention, and about the pressure being brought to ban natural alternative methods that are less expensive, less harmful, and often as effective as the pharmacopia of unnatural industrial drugs being pushed by today’s doctors at the instigation of the greedy Pharm Pholks. In our view, the entire industry, including the Food and Drug Administration, must be completely deconstructed and rebuilt along lines that provide benefits for every human being, not just the few greedy investors that control the Med-Pharm complex.

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