Reactivating Star Phoenix

By David L. Brown

I began blogging on this site in 2006. For about five years I posted fairly regularly, usually with in-depth essays, more than 400 in all. After the death of my wife in 2011 I became interested in other things and have only posted a half dozen or so times in the last seven years.

Star Phoenix Base sprang from my belief that anthropogenic global warming (AGW) was real and a serious threat to the planet. Over the last decade it began to look doubtful to me and my thoughts on the subject have gradually turned almost 180 degrees. I no longer believe global warming is a serious threat, and am puzzled how in the face of much evidence against it the true believers still hold that we are facing certain doom unless we … what?

There’s the rub, for all the solutions appear at their heart to be scams to extort money from some people to give to others. Mainly to take from the rich and give to the poor. It’s Robin Hood on a global scale. The perpetrators spread fear in order to control and extort from the masses, whether to gain research grants, push through taxpayer support for questionable green initiatives, obtain political power or create business advantages.

The whole AGW thing, as it turns out, is not science. It is another S-word, socialism, a wolf wearing the clothing of a sheep. The Paris Accord, should it have been carried out, would have transferred many billions and perhaps trillions of dollars from the First World (primarily the U.S. as we would have been the deep pockets player) to the Third World. And for what return? Apparently all that vast investment would have lowered the presumed global warming by something like 0.1 degree C. over the next hundred years or so. In other words, it would cost much and make hardly any difference at all.

There has been no “hockey stock” of upward zooming global temperatures, and in fact based on a number of reliable data sources there has been no increase in global temperature during the last two decades or so. Not that those who want the scam to continue don’t continue to run around yelling at clouds and declaring that each month is warmer than any previous one, each year the hottest ever, and the planet doomed to turn into a furnace that will make all life impossible. Some still claim our planet will turn into another Venus, with temperatures many hundreds of degrees warmer than at present. Ooh, danger Will Robinson! Danger!

To which I say hogwash. Advocates of AGW complicate and magnify the issue by deliberately confusing the difference between climate and weather. Every weather event is blamed on AGW, now conveniently rebranded as ‘Climate Change” (CC). Thus it no longer matters whether the weather is hot or cold, wet or dry, for anything and everything can now be appropriated as evidence for CC. If it snows in Michigan in April, why it’s due to CC. If a hurricane appears, ditto. If it gets hot in the summer in Texas, why run for cover it’s CC and the sky is falling. They are all a bunch of Chicken Littles.

This is silly because there have always been aberrant weather events and always will be. They are not signs of the coming climate apocalypse, but merely our planet doing as it always has, which is to change. Sometimes it changes in one direction, sometimes in the other. Although believers try to deny it, there have been warmer periods in the historical past, such as the Medieval Warming Period. There have been colder times such as during the Maunder Minimum, not to mention the periodic glacial epochs of the more distant past.

The obfuscation reflected in the change of terms from AGW to CC was necessitated because the climate stubbornly refused to follow climate models that predicted a steady rise in temperatures. When you change the game from warming to merely unspecified change, you can blame everything on it. Everything, as it turns out, from a chilly morning in July to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and even the misbehavior of murderous jihadists.

There is a long history of humans being manipulated through the invocation of imaginary threats. Children were told to be good or the Boogey Man would emerge from under their bed. Whole civilizations were held in thrall to powerful gods armed with lightning bolts and magical powers. In some instances human sacrifice was demanded to protect the survivors against threatened doom. Thus were Canaanite children thrown into the burning belly of Baal and living hearts cut from the breasts of millions of sacrificial victims in Mesoamerica. Is it possible that AGW and CC are just such imaginary threats, with the purpose of controlling and manipulating the populace? It seems likely this may be the case. Thankfully we’ve not (yet) reached the stage of requiring human sacrifice (although it could be noted that the widespread practice of late-term abortion is reminiscent of the practices of Baal worshipers).

Incidentally, and perhaps not by coincidence, Baal began as a weather god and evolved to become supreme among the gods of the superstitious people who worshiped and sacrificed to him. Are AGW and CC reincarnations of this ancient deity? Something to consider.

For what good it may do, I have resolved to let my tiny little voice once again speak out in a world filled with the clamoring ravings of millions. I am renewing my dedication to this little weblog. No longer will I report and comment in support of the idea that we are moving toward the precipice of a climate apocalypse. Instead I will explore alternative concepts and the reasons behind the promotion of this modern day myth.

But that’s not all, for there are many even more important subjects to examine and discuss, things that are real and that are having true impact on the direction of what we humans call civilization. Alas, there is little that is civil in much of what goes on in the world. I will write on many subjects that attract my interest, and invite you to come along for the journey. See you soon.


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