Humanity’s Glorious Future on Planet Ponzi

By David L. Brown

For decades we have been promised that there is a future for humankind in Space. This is one of the biggest con games to have been perpetrated on the public since Charles Ponzi and his famous “scheme.”

It has been thouroughly demonstrated that humans are very ill-suited to living in Space. The International Space Station is a disaster, never having attained its original purpose. It never will. In fact, it is an unmitigated failure and should be shut down immediately. But, there are political reasons why this has not happened.

The Space Shuttle program, as another example, has also proven to be a technological disaster. Out of about 115 missions flown, two of five Shuttles, or 40 percent of all Shuttles ever built, have ended in fiery death for the unfortunate pilots and crew. Think of it … with only a little over 100 missions spread over five vessels, the average number of missions is about 23 per Shuttle. Two of five have been lost (so far) with only this small number of missions. If the civil air industry experienced this rate of failure, about 20 airliners would be blowing up, crashing, disintegrating, or disappearing off the radar screen every day. And, civil aviation would be a thing of the past.

Why do we continue to pursue this chimera of “humankind in space?” And, what is the connection of all this to the environmental future of our planet? Well, the answer is simple. Through the promise of an alternative to living on Earth, our political “leaders” have been able to turn attention away from the fact that the Earth itself cannot continue to indefinitely support a growing population as its resources are squandered.

There have been a myriad of bizarre and unlikely scenerios put forth for the “development” and “colonization” of Space. Among these are the idea of building giant “Space Habitats” placed at stable Lagrange points in orbit around the Sun. These Space Habitats, each capable of sustaining several million people, would provide a safety valve for excess population. This is insane.
Another idea is to “terraform” Mars, using technology to transform this ancient, dried-up and frozen planet into a new Garden of Eden. Can you say “not very damn likely?”

One of the latest ideas is to build a Space Elevator, climbing from the surface of the Earth to geosynchronous orbit. To achieve this it would have to be about 60,000 miles long. And, when people or materials reach the top of the proposed elevator, whence do they go? Well, perhaps to a Space Habitat, or the newly terraformed Mars? Or perhaps to galaxies far, far away? Who knows? The point is, we want people to be comfortable with the fact that our own planet is being raped, pillaged, and ruined and may soon be unsuitable for life. Don’t worry … we’ll all go live on (fill in name of outlandish and unlikely Ponzi scheme).

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