Making that pesky Ozone Hole go away

by Val Germann

As many Star Phoenix Base readers know, the famous Ozone Hole has been on a back burner for some time now, the problem supposedly fixed by the Montreal protocol forbidding those bad “old” CFCs like Freon.  Not so long ago we were reading in some establishment journals that the “hole” would “close” as early as 2020.  However, that judgment has fallen to “further review,” as they say in NFL football. 

The problems are those pesky ozone depletion zones over the poles, particularly the South Pole.  It seems that the southern ozone hole has reached record extent, both in geographical size and intensity, as a recent TERRADAILY article reported:

NASA and National Oceanicand Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists report this year’s ozone hole in the polar region of the Southern Hemisphere has broken records for area and depth.

Not only that, the timeframe for the “healing” of the hole has been put back just a smidge, to 2065! 

The recently completed 2006 World Meteorological Organization/United Nations Environment Programme Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion concluded the ozone hole recovery would be masked by annual variability for the near future and the ozone hole would fully recover in approximately 2065.

This writer had to chuckle a bit at this news in spite of its dire import.  Close reading of the TERRADAILY article, based on a combined NOAA and NASA press release, reveals that what has been done is to simply declare a good result and then place any possible confirmation of that result far into the future.  Voila!  The “ozone hole” has in effect been made to go away while it’s still here, and bigger and meaner than ever!  There’s a word for this kind of thing: propaganda. 

Read the entire article here.


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I am a long-time teacher of science and astronomy with a strong interest in resource conservation and the environment.
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