More Trouble Ahead for World’s Oceans

By David L. Brown

Two-thirds of our planet are covered by ocean, and the seas were the source of all life on Earth. Even today, the oceans play a key role in generating weather patterns, the oxygen in our atmosphere through the biological activity of plankton and algae, and as a major source of protein-rich fish for a hungry world.

But as is well known, our oceans are in rapid decline. Their waters are becoming polluted with toxic wastes. Their vast fisheries are being strip mined by greedy nations with no concern for the long term effects of their actions. Their waters are growing warmer, leading to coral death, plankton depletion, and having a significant and growing effect on the world’s climate.

Without question, the oceans that girdle our globe are in trouble, and their future is tied to the fate of all life on Earth. Star Phoenix Base will keep an eye on this important ecological subject.

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