Latest G8 “Summit” Was No Such Thing

by Val Germann

The very word, “summit” is so evocative, a leftover from the Cold War era when the leaders of the U.S. and USSR could “go to the mountain” and settle the world’s problems in a day, or so it was thought. Back then there was some justification for the word because for a while those two nations really did have the power, or were thought to have the power, to truly change things. But today the word is a sick joke on the whole planet, spinning as it is toward multiple disasters than no two nations, or group of eight nations, can possibly fix.

The proof of this can be seen today on the TERRADAILY website in an article concerning our Earth’s poster child for disaster, Africa. Once again to the well we go, for the hundredth time (?), with “solutions” to Africa’s problems. But when are we going to give this up? That is, I am old enough to have been down this road over and over again, always with the same result: things get worse than they were before!

And so here we are, decades after “The Green Revolution” and the World Bank were going to put a chicken in every under-developed pot and an automobile in every Third World garage, reading the following:

The leaders of the world’s wealthiest countries vowed to support not only immediate food aid, but also medium- and long-term solutions to the food crisis that is destabilizing many developing countries and driving millions more into hunger and poverty.

Yes, it’s true, we ARE going here again! It’s incredible! As I said, it’s got to be one-hundred times that we’ve read this kind of boilerplate over the last fifty years or so. But with the G8 it gets better:

The crisis is particularly acute for Africa, where the current high prices and food shortages have served to highlight a long-lived “silent hunger” affecting 200 million people, from young to old, and including 33 million malnourished children. In Africa, the underlying cause of this hunger is the longstanding neglect of agriculture on national and international levels.

What? They have to be kidding! How is this possible after the $billions that have been thrown at that unholy continent since World War Two? Can it truly be that there is a “longstanding neglect of agriculture” in Africa? Well, I tell you, I am at a loss for words but not the G8, who once again offer “solutions” to these problems, “solutions” that will turn “crisis into opportunity.” But you just have to laugh:

Their goal is to achieve a uniquely African Green Revolution attuned to the continent’s realities: its wide diversity of crops, environments and farming systems, and a scarcity of resources that leaves millions of smallholder farmers caught in a poverty trap.

Oh, well, there we have it, the “solution,” case closed! Yes sir, that was easy; why didn’t they think of it before? But, ah, wait a minute, I think they HAVE thought of it before, and then dumped $billions into Darkest Africa to back up that thought.

But what’s happened to those dollars, huh? Well, I think we could take a look at the numbered Swiss accounts of those honchos in the Organization of African Unity and find out, very quickly. As for the current round of “solutions” to Africa’s problems, they will no doubt have the same effect as all the others: none.

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I am a long-time teacher of science and astronomy with a strong interest in resource conservation and the environment.
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