It’s OK Now — There Is No Global Warming

By David L. Brown

This will be a brief posting. There is a letter being disseminated around the Internet that addresses the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), demanding that they “retract” their conclusions about global warming as reported in the IPCC’s fourth assessment report released last year. The letter claims that the world is actually cooling (apparently based on the fact that we had an unusually cold winter) and presents an actual graph that “proves” it beyond any doubt whatsoever.

Here is a link to a stupid blog that features the letter while gloating about using it to “crush your global warming alarmist friends.” (It would be a good idea to hold your nose while accessing this link and reading the letter.)

The letter is posted around the Internet under headlines such as: “Nobel Winner Calls on UN: Admit Climate Errors.” Well, the IPCC isn’t the UN, but nevermind that small factual error. The important news is that this claim apparently is being led by an actual Nobel Prize winner, to wit, one Svend Hendricksen. According to the letter, Hendricksen “shared” a Nobel Prize. Pretty impressive stuff. And almost certainly, for this claim to have any credibility, he must have earned the prize for something related to chemistry, physics or another hard science. Right?

Well, not exactly.

Thanks to a quick Google search, here is the “inconvenient truth” about this latest attack on the threat of global warming: Hendriksen “was once part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces, which collectively received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988.”

Wow! He sure did “share” that Nobel Prize — with tens of thousands of other serving men and women who were “once part” of an organization that “collectively” won the prize. Gee, if the entire human race were to win the Peace Prize some year (fat chance, because it is usually reserved for people like Arafat and Jimmy Carter), you and I and all our friends would be Nobel Prize Winners! We’d have a good time then, for sure.

Talk about phony baloney that’s way past its use-by date! I have neither the time nor inclination to Google up some details about the rest of the gang of presumed idiots that signed this letter. I did notice that the first signer was identified by the words “analytical chemist” and “mMensa,” which I presume means that he is a member of Mensa, the organization of self-congratulating high-IQ idiots (and, yes, you can be both high-IQ and an idiot, a condition I have witnessed many times!).

Wow! Nobel Prize Winner! Mensa! Gee, that is SO much more impressive than the work product of hundreds of actual climate scientists who labored for years to produce the IPCC report. I am just absolutely … well astounded is the word. Yes, astounded.

So go back to sleep now, and don’t give another thought to global warming. It was nothing but a hoax perpetrated by Al Gore for his own personal enrichment, you see. Both a Nobel Prize winner and a member of Mensa say it, so it has to be true.

Umm … Maybe not.

If you want to read more about these morons, here is a link to a blog that deconstructs the whole disgusting thing, including doing the Googling that I didn’t on the other signers of the letter who (surprise surprise) are, well, strange to say the least. And here is more about the qualifications of the Nobelist leading the attack against global warming. According to blogger Page Van Der Linden of the DeSmogBlog, Nobel Prize winner Hendricksen:

“…is the publisher of a website,”The Greenland Art Review,” in which he presents some of his art history theories, as well as his views as a global warming denialist.” Van Der Linden goes on to say: “[Hendricksen] presents a rather, um, unusual analysis of An Inconvenient Truth. He claims that the film has ‘Rorschach phenomenon and hidden messages’. To say the least, it’s unconventional, verging on the bizarre.”

Well, yes. Bizarre seems to fit. Maybe you better not go back to sleep after all.

PS: I apologize for the fact that what I intended to be a “brief” posting turned into my usual long rant. Mea culpa. I am reminded of the writer (I think it was Mark Twain) who apologized for sending a long letter to a friend, explaining that he didn’t have time to write a short one. On the other hand, the subject of climate change is so important, and needs so much attention, that I feel compelled to explore as many facets of the subject as I can.

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