Islam and Communism: Brothers Under the Skin

The Islamic Threat to World Peace — Part II
Author’s Note: This is the second in an occasional series of essays on the subject of radical Islam and the threat it represents to the future of the world.

By David L. Brown

In a previous post, “Is Islam a Religion or a Cult,” I made the case that Islam, at least in its radical forms, is not a religion at all but a militaristic cult of world domination. Here are the stories of two philosophies that may at first glance seem quite different, but which are revealed by even a cursory examination to have strange and enigmatic parallels.

FIRST we will examine Communism, which was established by Karl Marx and his followers. Communism is a totalitarian cult which denies the existence of a deity and gives lip service to the concept of economic equality while its leaders wallow in comfort on the backs of its generally disenfranchised citizens (for present-day examples see Cuba, Zimbabwe and North Korea). International Communism has the goal of total world domination, conversion or subjugation to all who refuse to accept its philosophies, and the spreading of its ideas through brainwashing, intimidation and violence.

SECOND we will examine Islam, which was established by the Prophet Mohammed and his followers. Islam is a totalitarian cult which worships a mythical deity and gives lip service to the concept of economic equality while its leaders wallow in comfort on the backs of generally disenfranchised citizens (for present-day examples see Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran). Islam has the goal of total world domination, conversion or subjugation to all who refuse to accept its philosophies, and the spreading of its ideas through brainwashing, intimidation and violence.

Hmmm, it seems we have a lot of similarities here. But—and this is where things get interesting—the West has responded to these two very similar and parallel threats in ways that are astonishingly different.

Imagine if during the Cold War the Soviet Union had spent billions to establish Communist Educational Centers throughout the United States? What if they had staffed those centers with Communist political officers (Commisars) who held regular public meetings in which they espoused hatred for Capitalism and the West and exhorted participants to acts of “protest” and violence against non-Communists “wherever they may be found”? Would we have allowed it? Hell no! There is no way imaginable that such a thing could have had even the slightest chance of succeeding.

But, Islam has done exactly that, down to the letter, except that they call the centers Mosques, wrapped in the constitutional cloak of religious freedom, and the political officers Mullahs. And we have blithely let them do it! Our nation reacted to the Communist threat by bottling it up to stew in its own juices, by cleansing any taint of the philosophy and its followers from our land, and by waging a decades-long “cold” war (many aspects of which were quite “hot”) to prevent its spread and ultimately bring about its failure.

So, we have seen that the threats of Soviet Communism (formerly) and Islam (presently) are substantially the same. There is one notable exception, and that is that Islam is technologically backward and cannot in any sense claim to be a Super Power. Both (despite Islam’s claim to have a ruling deity and to be a “religion”) are essentially evil and predatory institutions having the openly stated goals of overwhelming and ruling the entire Earth.

So why, despite these obvious parallels and equalities, have these two essentially comparable threats been greeted in such totally different ways? Can it be because we in the West are totally blinded by the simple fact that Islam calls itself a “religion” (even though its beliefs and practices are utterly foreign to our understanding of what a religion should be) and is thus, under our concepts of “freedom of religious expression,” exempt from any critical examination? Yes, I am afraid that answer, simple and naive as it may seem (and so much dependent upon the blind ignorance of the West’s national leaders of every stripe) might just be it. That and political expediency, of course…it just wouldn’t be politically correct to say anything against a “Religion,” would it?

Even when the followers of that religion are totally dedicated to our destruction, no less so than the followers of Stalinist Communism and, in its time, Nazism. Oh, if only Uncle Joe and Herr Adolf could have seen the Way and the Light and cooked up some religious trappings (Hitler actually did, to a degree, through reference to the Pagan mythology) and instilled in their followers the belief in some Supreme Being! They might have actually succeeded, for surely we would have let them do anything they wanted to do, since anything to do with “religion” can only be good. Well, I have to admit to some sarcasm there.

To Soviet Communists, their belief in the collective was (and is, because they still lurk not only in the Taiga but in China, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and other places) no less a matter of faith than an Arab peasant’s acceptance of the reality of Allah. Something similar could have been said about the Nazi true believers. The differences between these nationalist movements and Islam are to be found in semantics only. All are (or were) political movements with all the trappings of cults, predatory and expansionist to the Nth degree. What are bin Laden and all his ilk if not cult leaders, brothers to Jim Jones and David Koresh? The differences are only to be measured in the number of followers they could count (about 700 for Jones, about 75 for Koresh, and about 1 billion for bin Laden et al.).

Any “religion” that allows its agenda to be controlled by such cult leaders, to obtain political rule over entire governments, and to invoke those governments to wage war on the rest of the world just as the Nazi and Soviet leaders did…is no religion. It is an evil political force that has no place in modern times. That was true of Soviet Communism, it was true of German Nazism, and it is true of International Islam.

We know that we reacted to the Soviets by confronting them everywhere they raised their heads and spending our blood and treasure to effect their defeat. We know that we bombed and invaded Nazi Germany and drove it almost back to the Stone Age (and then rebuilt it to become an ungrateful and uncooperative “ally”).

And now, confronted by a threat no less dangerous and cast from the exact same mold, we have allowed Islam to establish a foothold everywhere in the West, with its education centers (mosques) in every major city and town and its political officers (Wahabbist mullahs) working actively and virtually in the open to bring down all Infidel cultures and civilizations.

Sorry, but there is a basic problem here. We did the right thing to defy the Soviets and break their evil threat. We did the right thing to create similar havoc for the Nazis. Now it’s way past time to do something similar for our latest enemies, the Islamic political cult that calls itself a religion, but acts like an invading horde. Its mullahs and imams have the audacity to decree fatwas against innocent Western artists, writers and editors, calling for their violent murder in the name of their unholy Allah. This is absolutely intolerable, and should be met with the strongest possible reaction (not that it has been).

We must eventually realize the need to drive the Muslims out of our lands, to treat them just as we would have German spies, saboteurs or invaders during WWII, or as we confronted Soviet military adventures during the Cold War. Arrest them, try them, execute them if necessary, or deport them back to their native places. If they organize paramilitary attacks against us (which they are actively doing), destroy them and their supporters utterly and without mercy. All through the 20th Century we fought history’s most costly and violent wars and conflicts to contain first the Nazi, then the Communist threat. Now, confronted with a completely similar and equivalent threat, we pretend that our enemies are peaceful and tolerant, and deny the very nature of their bloody methods and intentions, qualities to which Muslim leaders openly refer with pride and conviction on a daily basis.

Isn’t it time to treat a completely similar threat in a completely similar way? Islam sees itself as engaged in total war against the entire non-Muslim world, just as did the Nazis and the Soviets. The three philosophies are essentially equal, both on the surface and at their cores. It’s far past time for us to wake up, acknowledge the truth of that, and act accordingly. Whether we call it World War III, Cold War Redux, the New Crusades, or something entirely new under the Sun, we need to get it with on—and the time to have started in earnest was on September 12, 2001. After all, didn’t the US declare total war against Japan on December 9, 1941—a “Day That Will Live in Infamy” plus one—and against the rest of the Axis three days later?

Yes, sure, there has been lots of jaw-jaw about a “war on terror” (to misquote FDR, we have nothing to fear but terror itself), but what we need is first, the open admission that we are under attack by a major movement having the aim of world domination, and second, a Western declaration of total war against Islamic expansionism. That is what it is, and there’s no denying it. Muslims themselves not only admit it, it is openly declared by Islamic spokesmen (there are no Islamic spokeswomen of course) in every corner of the world.

So why not call it by its one true name and get on with the fight? Here in America we can start with an executive order closing down every mosque in America, right now this very instant. A very necessary first step, no matter how politically incorrect it may seem to our tolerant Western way of thinking. Our entire Western civilization is at stake.

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