Detroit’s Fantastic Freestyle Failure Event

By David L. Brown

A few days ago I wrote an essay about the mess in Detroit. This cartoon says it pretty well in visual terms.


Yeah, they’ve got a plan. Now. It’s a sad situation, but it underlines the question with which I ended the previous essay. After I pointed out that the U.S. no longer makes televisions, computers, and most of the other “stuff” we buy and use, I asked: How is Detroit different?

Indeed, wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to concentrate on things we need to be doing (renewable, sustainable energy for example) and let the South Koreans and Chinese build our cars. They make great vehicles for far less than anything we can make here (and that includes the Toyota, Nissan and Honda U.S. plants).

Scroll back to read my earlier posting titled “Detroit’s Missed Opportunity—And a Plan.” And don’t miss the other essay posted here today. Titled “An Embarrassment of Oxymorons,” it demonstrates the error in trying to hold onto failed economic models. It’s like the difference between getting into the lifeboat or going down with the ship.

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