Corrupt Mexico Passes Its Troubles onto U.S.

By David L. Brown

We wrote recently about the rampant corruption and lawlessness that is the shame of Mexico and an important root cause of the illegal immigration problems we are experiencing in the U.S. That post was titled “Our Unstable Third World Neighbor.” (To read it, search the site archives.)

How bad is it in Mexico? Here’s the opinion of veteran foreign correspondent and columnist Georgie Anne Geyer:

“In short, Mexico is so corrupt, so oligopolistic, so rotting inside with the privilege of the rich that it has to send its poor and its potential political activists to another country. And on top of that, it tries to blame the United States for its own failures.

“When I was in Mexico last fall, after dozens of visits over the years, people on every political and social level confirmed these accusations, complaining to me of Fox’s failures.”

The rest of her column can be read here as it appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Of course, as a journalist it was incumbent upon Ms. Geyer to find a positive spin to put on this, as you will see if you read the entire piece. In a nutshell, she says that the Mexican people are fed up with the corruption and greed that rules the society and are ready to throw the rascals out and turn the place into a First World success. Well, OK, we’ve heard that kind of rhetoric many times about ill-managed nations, both in the present and all down through history, but such pie-in-the-sky predictions rarely come to pass.

She actually quotes several Mexican thought leaders saying that a border fence could be the best thing that could happen to Mexico, because it would force the nation to mend its ways and create a decent standard of living for its people.

Yes, and look what “democracy” has done for Haiti, Zimbabwe, and most recently the Palestinian Authority. Unfortunately, despite all best intentions it would be unlikely that Mexico could suddenly transform itself from a failed, corrupt, backward, non-industrialized Third World nation with rapidly deplering resources into a vibrant world economy. Here are two statistics to give a feeling for the immensity of the problem:

  1. Just 40 families own 60 percent of all assets in Mexico, leaving the vast mass of second-class citizens to squabble over the rest.
  2. Mexico takes in $28 billion annually from the sale of its oil, and its second largest source of international trade (if you can call it that) is the $20 billion earned in America and sent home by Mexicans working in the U.S., a large proportion of whom are illegals. In the opinion of Star Phoenix Base, this latter source of revenue might better be defined as grand theft.

So, let’s not try to put a smiley face on this problem. Mexico is in a state of near-anarchy, with corruption rampant, an economy in tatters, and an arrogant upper class holding a large and growing peasant class in a state of virtual serfdom. No wonder the vast majority want to come north (and that the ruling familes want them to), and if given the chance they would nearly ALL be living right here tomorrow morning. That would be a disaster for America beyond all imagination.

But this is no fantasy. In fact, that inconceivable disaster is taking place right now, although on a slightly slower timeline. Having failed on their own territory, Mexicans have decided to take over ours. They must be stopped. We must secure our borders NOW, and then sort out what to do with the criminal trespassers who are already among us.

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