Corporate U.S. Deflecting Climate Heat

by Val Germann

Another shoe has been dropped in the ongoing public relations battle over climate change, and it leads the news this morning on the TERRADAILY website.

Some of corporate America’s biggest names, including Alcoa, General Electric and DuPont, will urge the US Congress next week to act swiftly to help offset global warming, an environment partnership said Friday.

Before Star Phoenix Base readers get their hopes up, re-read the sentence above and keep in mind those magic words: public relations.

That’s right, these huge corporations, with annual profits in the $billions, have formed a “Climate Action Partnership” which will, unfortunately and despite the title, not take any action itself.  Instead, it will spread some corporate petty cash around Washington trying to get the Congress to take action, no doubt using taxpayer money to cover the tab.

It’s a pretty good deal for General Electric, et. al., because they are already reaping the benefits of appearing “green” in the public eye while having spent very little of their own hard-earned lucre.  Not only that, as time goes by and the climate continues to head south (which it will) the companies can say, “It’s not our fault; we tried!” What could be better? Cigars and big bonuses all around, boys.

You truly have to admire American Big Business, a group that spends most of it’s time savaging government, until they need something done that they don’t want to pay for themselves. Wheneven this happens “Big Government” is just fine and dandy, you betcha! It would be funny if the issue in question weren’t so important.

Increasing the humor of it all is the fact that it only took a year for them to come up with this brilliant idea.

“After a year of collaboration and dialogue, our organizations have arrived at a set of principles and policy recommendations to address global warming,” USCAP said in a statement.

Oh, yeah, yadda-yadda. We have a shooting war in the Middle East and another one in Central Asia, both in part over oil and gas, and the answer is a “cap and trade” system. Well, no, that’s not the answer, at all, and they know it.

But, no matter, the companies named in the article have already made out like bandits.  As Jesus said of the Pharisee who so conspicuously made his gift to the temple: “Surely, he has his reward.”

And so he did, which was a good thing, wasn’t it?


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I am a long-time teacher of science and astronomy with a strong interest in resource conservation and the environment.
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