Coming Soon: A Slight Whiff of Apocalypse

by Val Germann

It won’t be long now, about three weeks, before the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issues it’s next report. This group has for years been a favorite “bete noire” of the energy industry, especially after the dire nature of its 2001 publication. That document contained disturbing warnings that have been held up to ridicule by any number of think tanks and government officials. But things have changed, a lot, since 2001, and the last two years have seen an enormous sea change in the public perception and even acceptance of the reality of climate change.

The IPCC’s new report will only accelerate this trend, as a recent article on the TERRADAILY website illustrates. Here’s an operative quote:

Nothing beats a whiff of Apocalypse for focussing minds and . . . climate change will be the big issue that will send an icy shiver down spines (this year) . . .

No kidding! Climate change has become a political and economic locomotive, roaring down on a mostly unsuspecting world sitting in its figurative car on the tracks, blithely tuning the radio. Not good.

The most chilling aspect of the report will be a new emphasis on many “positive feedback” systems that will certainly lead to an exponential increase in the overall severity of any change. We here at Star Phoenix Base have been warning about this for some time and it looks like this issue will soon become a world wide concern. Viz:

The report will also warn of newly-found “positive feedbacks” — in ordinary language, vicious circles — that could accelerate and possibly worsen the effects of climate change.

Yes, it’s true, without doubt, that numerous feedback loops are in full operation around the world, accelerating climate change and its effects. Read this article and hope that the world’s governments and large private entities at last wake up to the problem.


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I am a long-time teacher of science and astronomy with a strong interest in resource conservation and the environment.
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