Climate Devil in IPCC Details

by Val Germann

As has been reported here on Star Phoenix Base, the recent IPCC climate report was significantly watered down due to political considerations and the fact that every participating nation had to sign it. However, the follow-on and more detailed reports, soon to come, will not be subject to as much “editing,” as has been revealed over the weekend in several articles strewn across the mainstream media.

A hint of what’s to come can be seen on THE INDEPENDENT’s website today. The headline, which begins “Wars of the world . . .”, sets the somber stage, as does the following:

In 20 years, tens of millions more Latin Americans and hundreds of millions more Africans will be short of water, and by 2050 one billion Asians could face water shortages. The glaciers of the Himalayas, which feed the great rivers of the continent, are likely to melt away almost completely by 2035, threatening the lives of 700 million people.

In other words, there will be hundreds of millions of people much worse off in the future than they are now. What will those people do? Will they sit quietly and mourn their fate or will they take some action? I think we know the answer to that one, and so do quite a few other people.

Margaret Beckett, the Foreign Secretary, has repeatedly called global warming “a security issue” and a Pentagon report concluded that abrupt climate change could lead to “skirmishes, battles and even war due to resource constraints”.

And the Pentagon should know, embroiled as it is today in no less than two wars, one in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan, both of them involving control over, or access to, petroleum resources.

These wars are likely to last quite a while longer, with more wars in prospect. That is, the coming resource disaster will put tens of millions more people on the move, acerbating already fractious human migration problems world wide.

Even those not directly affected will be threatened by a flood of hundreds of millions of “environmental refugees”.

Consider: Mexico has terrific water and energy problems lurking just down the road and already has a human pipeline of enormous size straight into the United States. If Mexico collapses, which is likely, what will happen next? Do we have to guess?


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I am a long-time teacher of science and astronomy with a strong interest in resource conservation and the environment.
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