Chrysler to Climate Change: Drop Dead!

by Val Germann

From the BBC website this morning comes a very interesting article highlighting one of the big problems facing the world as this new century heats up: climate change denial among the corporate elite.  Star Phoenix Base readers have recently seen how ExxonMobile has been trying to keep the lid on that boiling pot by distributing $millions to various climate change opponents.  It seems (surprise) that the big wheels at Chrysler and other major carmakers share more than a few attitudes with the the U.S. oil giant:

Chrysler’s chief economist Van Jolissaint has launched a fierce attack on “quasi-hysterical Europeans” and their “Chicken Little” attitudes to global warming. 

You have to admire the manliness of Mr. Jolissant, in spite of his French-sounding name.  He may be a surrender monkey in some respects but when it comes to climate change he is a rampaging Rambo, showing no mercy to those who have gone all limp-wristed in the face of melting icecaps and rising seas.

Mr Jolissant, who was recently appointed the chief economist for the German-US DaimlerChrysler Group, said that since he started spending more time at the company’s corporate headquarters in Stuttgart he had been shocked by the absurdity of European attitudes towards global warming.  In response to a question from the floor, he said that global warming was a far-off risk whose magnitude was uncertain.

Well, yes, it’s “far off” in the land of quarterly reports and year-end bonuses but it’s right here, right now, for those in the climate business.  Take a look at the entire BBC article and consider that the viewpoint expressed by Mr. Jolissant is the dominiant one world wide and will remain so for many years to come.  That cannot be good.


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