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‘Green Revolution’ Pioneer Borlaug R.I.P.

By David L. Brown Norman Borlaug died yesterday in Dallas, Texas at 95. He was never a celebrity except among the environmentally conscious few, but to us he was a super star. Dr. Borlaug was credited with saving at least … Continue reading

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Irrational Fear of GM Crops as Famine Looms

By David L. Brown The uncontrolled growth of the world’s population lies at the heart of most of our environmental, social, health, agricultural, and political problems. Let’s see, did I leave anything out of that dogmatic statement? Well, sure, because … Continue reading

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GMO Crops—Promise or Frankenfood?

By David L. Brown Since the dawn of agriculture people been modifying animals and plants to serve humankind. By carefully selecting for desired traits through many generations, domesticated breeds of animals and plant varieties were developed. This effort laid the … Continue reading

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