Burying the Truth

By David L. Brown

A few weeks ago we reported on a contest sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists (see post “Vote for Best ‘Science Idol’ Editorial Cartoon,” July 7). According to the organization, the competition “draws attention to the growing problem of political interference in federal government science on issues as diverse as drug safety and global warming”.

At the time I promised to post the winning cartoon when it was announced, so here it is:


The subject of the contest, and the focus of the winning cartoon, are both particularly timely in view of the news we reported on recently [see my article titled “More Evidence of Suppressed Science,” posted July 11). In that piece I examined a claim by Richard Carmona, who was the United States’ Surgeon General from 2002 to 2006 who reportedly “accused the White House of political interference and muzzling him on key issues such as embryonic stem cell research.”

As always, what goes around comes around and Truth is often viewed by some as dangerous and something to be hidden, especially if it happens to be “inconvenient” to paraphrase Al Gore.

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