Battle Lines Hardening Over Climate Implications

by Val Germann

The increasing evidence for global warming and climate change, coupled with calls for world wide action to combat them, is leading to lines being drawn in the dirt, battle lines.

One set of them appeared in THE FINANCIAL TIMES this week, in an article by Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, a nation just now coming into something like “prosperity” in the New Europe.

The last thing the Czechs want is an EU-wide clampdown on energy use due to global warming concerns. They are late to the party and want to catch up, which they can’t do if the climate change folks get their way.

How serious is this? Well, for the Czechs anyone supporting real action on climate is a de-facto enemy of the state. The operative quote is this:

As someone who lived under communism for most of his life, I feel obliged to say that I see the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity now in ambitious environmentalism, not in communism. This ideology wants to replace the free and spontaneous evolution of mankind by a sort of central (now global) planning.

So, there you have it: environmentalism compared to communism, by people who should know, right?

This was anticipated by Eugene Schwartz in his book OVERSKILL, reported on previously here at Star Phoenix Base. His most relevant passage is set out below, concerning what it will take, on a planetary basis, to reverse the long-running destructive trends in our culture. It will not be pretty, as we all probably should know.

The world-wide counter-technology will be a super-system. It will require a giant organization to monitor world-wide technology use, collect and evaluate data, and devise and operate appropriate counter-technologies. The system will be complex and intricate. It will require large forces for its proper maintenance. It will include a world-wide political system to police and enforce its edicts.

What is the above except true world government, and what else can end the anarchy of nations we see today?

But what are the chances of any such thing actually coming into existance given the current world situation? They are not great and will not be so until the climate problem becomes plainly and obviously dire, even to people like Mr. Klaus, by which time it will likely be FAR too late.

Yes, indeed, it’s going to be a long rough ride, no matter where we all eventually end up. —

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I am a long-time teacher of science and astronomy with a strong interest in resource conservation and the environment.
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