Are White Europeans an Endangered Species?

By David L. Brown

Europeans may be among the world’s long list of endangered species. In France, 40 percent of babies are born to Muslim mothers and native French people are in danger of becoming a minority in their own land. More Dutch leave Holland each year than foreign immigrants arrive in that country. Germany faces a similar problem, as an article in Der Spiegel’s online English edition points out. Here’s the lede:

Germany’s population is growing older — and shrinking. But the baby gap is slowly being filled by the country’s immigrant population. Some predict Germans will become a minority.

How do you get couples in Germany to have more babies? That is a question the Berlin government has been asking itself for years — and one the current governing coalition led by Chancellor Angela Merkel has seemingly made something of a priority. This week’s answer? You pay them off.

On Tuesday, lawmakers decided to introduce Elterngeld — tax money paid to parents so they can stay home with their baby. The change makes it easier for parents to stay home longer with their newborn without having to sacrifice their entire income. It also provides more incentive for the main breadwinner to remain at home.

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Paying parents to have children seems to me to be a sign of desperation, and is by no means certain to provide a solution. Modern-day Westerners are enjoying a sybaritic lifestyle to which children are an inconvenient complication. The entry of women into the workforce, feminist movements, and the need for two-income families to support upscale lifestyles places child-bearing far down the list of options for young people. Not so with the immigrants, mostly Muslims, where women are kept in a subservient role and expected to bear many children.

Uncontrolled immigration is a threat to nearly every Western country, and one short-sighted justification has been the need for cheap labor. In Germany, it was the introduction of Gastarbeiter (guest workers), mainly from Turkey, that opened the door. Gastarbeiter originally were intended to be temporary workers without permanent residence rights and no possibility to become citizens. But once immigrants became established, many brought family from home, bore children, and established permanent enclaves. This made it very difficult for the host country to reverse the growth of immigrant populations. There are about 5 million immigrants in Germany, many second- or third-generation descendents of Turkish Muslims, and that segment of the population is growing much faster than that of native German people.
Combine the inflow and expansion of alien immigrant populations with the reluctance of Europeans to have large families, or in many cases to have any children at all, and you create the very real danger that the immigrants will eventually overrun native populations. Such an event would have profound effects on European culture and society—effects that are already being seen.

The replacement of indigenous peoples by outsiders has happened many times throughout history, not only through invasion by warrior groups (think Atilla the Hun here), but also by the process of colonization. In Europe today, in part what is happening is what I call “reverse colonization,” as indigenous peoples from former colonies move to the lands of the original colonizers. In the case of France, England, and Belgium, many of the present immigrants that are creating sweeping changes in the nature and character of those countries are natives from former colonies.

Unlike what is happening in Europe today, the immigration that created the Melting Pot population of America was quite different. Those who came to America were generally intent upon assimilating into the society, and most did so quite successfully. This writer is a typical example, with ancestors from Scotland, England, Ireland, and Germany.

Ominously, it appears that Muslim immigrants in Europe have quite a different idea—to assimilate European culture, law, and social mores into their own Islamic culture. Not only are Islamic immigrants maintaining their own ways, they are more and more stridently demanding change on the part of their hosts. Calls for the institution of shari’a law based on the Koran are being heard in places like France, Sweden, and even England. European culture is under attack in a very real sense, and if Western Civilization as we know it is to survive, the problem must be dealt with.

As a side note to this discussion, America’s problem with illegal immigrants, primarily Mexicans, is less threatening. Native Mexicans have been Europeanized, speak a European language and have nearly all been brought up with Judeo-Christian ideals. So far their numbers are far below the threshold where they might become a majority. However, it is ominous to hear them talking about “reconquista,” the idea of taking control of Southwestern regions of America which they claim were stolen from them. This is bogus, since those regions were originally settled by Spanish pioneers—Europeans—not the native Aztec descendants that make up the peasant and working classes of Mexico who provide the stream of illegal immigrants today. Their claim makes little sense, but the fact that they are voicing such ideas is reason for caution and perhaps even alarm.

Some may feel the obvious solution to the threat of excessive illegal immigration is politically incorrect, but this denies the right of a nation state to defend and secure its borders. In both Europe and America it is apparent that the threatened countries must secure their borders and at least cut off the inflow of illegal immigrants. In the case of the United States, that would probably be sufficient to solve the problem, since the present number of illegal immigrants (approximately 11 million) could be absorbed over a period of time. For European nations, however, where immigrants are already approaching majority status and show no signs of wanting to be assimilated, more stringent actions may be required to reverse the trend. Unfortunately, paying native Europeans to have children is not likely to be very effective, and relocation of immigrants back to their places of origin may be required. This will be awkward, particularly for countries that foolishly extended citizenship to residents of former colonies, but as public awareness of the danger grows, in the near future there could be widespread support for such initiatives to protect native cultures.
As concerns the rapidly growing Muslim population on the Continent, the European reverse colonization and immigrant “invasion” could be characterized as a continuation of the historical Muslim effort to overrun and destroy Christian nations. The Muslim armies were defeated in France by Charles Martin, driven out of Spain after 700 years of conflict, and stopped at the gates of Vienna on September 12, 1683. But the dream of world conquest did not die. It remains a driving force of Islam today, firmly rooted in the Koran and the teachings of the Prophet, and it has Europe in its crosshairs.

Europe better act soon or it is in danger of joining the long historic list of lost civilizations. Will some future Shelley write about Europe as another Ozymandias? Will he write that poem in Arabic or Turkish? Only time will tell.

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