An Apology and a New Beginning

By David L. Brown

If there’s anybody out there I owe you an apology and this update. Much to my embarrassment I have not posted to this personal website for many months. In my defense I will report that my beloved wife Patricia was in failing health and had been diagnosed with cancer. She died on June 21, 2011, first day of Spring. Needless to say, I have been diverted from pleasures such as this personal blog.

On a happier note, I can report that I have made the transition to full-time RV living, as reported on by my cat Tiggy in her regular postings under the heading Travels with Tiggy (see link on the right). Tiggy is also writing a column for the bimonthly newspaper The Bosque Beast, and apparently has made a great hit with readers, some of which are apparently animals such as dogs and other cats.

I am getting myself into a healing mode and plan to begin writing again. I published two books last year, a novel titled Quantum Cowboy, and a non-fiction book titled Dead End Path. Both are available on Amazon either as print or ebooks. I have several other projects that I want to pursue during the coming months, including another non-fiction project and a couple of novel ideas. I will also be making photographs as time goes on, mainly because as both writer and photographer I must actively create in both media.

Tiggy will keep you updated on our travels and I will resume posting my thoughts and ideas here (I promise, Scout’s honor.)

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