The Phoenix Mission Statement

This site is part informational resource, part weblog, part entertainment, and part online meeting place for anyone who is interested in the future of our planet and the fate of the human race. — David L. Brown

Inspired by the story of my novel series Promise of the Phoenix, this is your portal to the near future. The mission of Star Phoenix Base is to bring you real-world news, research, commentary and analysis about the many dangers and challenges facing humanity and our world.  I seek out, analyze and comment on news and events and report progress wherever it is being made. The story of the Star Phoenix has been long coming, and this weblog began several years ago to explore many of the subjects that are reflected in the novels. It contains a rich file of essays, news and commentary dating from April, 2006.

This site will also include updates on the continuing novel series itself. The first two books, Quest of the Seekers and Phoenix Arisen, are now complete and are available as Kindle eBooks on  While the main panel of this website will contain essays and commentary, these static sidebar pages will address my progress and news about the novels with occasional postings.

Although the story of Promise of the Phoenix is fiction, the facts about climate change and the many other threats to our planet are very real. My goal is to bring these facts into focus and provide a source of information and discussion on the real scientific, historical, psychological and sociological factors that are driving us toward an uncertain future.

On this site I present excerpts and links to articles from news media, scientific literature, and the internet with my own commentary and speculation. I also post original essays written from my own points of view, some serious, others whimsical, and yet others delivered with a dose of satire and, yes, even well-deserved sarcasm when appropriate.

I encourage feedback from my readers through the comments feature. You are invited to browse my archive of information on the broad range of subjects that bear on the future of the world, including climate change, over-population, industrial agriculture, environmental degradation, international conflict, economics, biotechnology, astronomy and space science, energy … the list is almost endless.