A Tool for Every Task

By David L. Brown

I saw an image today that reminded me just how complex are the environmental problems facing today’s world. It shows a Swiss Army Knife that has been named by the Guiness Book of Records as “Most Functional Penknife.” Here’s the picture of what is called the “Giant Collector’s Knife,” as reported on FoxNews.com:


I’m not sure this thing would qualify as a mere penknife. In fact, it would probably be well suited to facing down a gang of terrorists armed with scimitars who would no doubt run screaming into the arms of Allah at the very sight of it. And with a total of 85 tools it surely is not limited to sharpening the point of your quill pen, as a penknife is intended to do. (You do still use quill pens, don’t you?) At a glance, it looks like a crew of plumbers, carpenters and electricians could make a fine living with one of these babies and no need for additional tools of any kind. You could build a house big enough to house John Edwards with one of these things and about a million tons of construction materials.

Now considering that this thing weighs two pounds eleven ounces and costs $1200, it might not be your first choice as something to carry around in your jeans (especially in the open position as pictured which, if you’re a guy, could pose a significant threat to your manhood).

But all that aside: Taken as a physical analogy to what it might take to solve the serious challenges posed by global warming, over-population, pollution, climate change and resource depletion, the image of this incredibly useful Swiss Army Knife may be a fairly good representation. Just a thought. Heh.

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