A New Jewish State in … Alaska?

By David L. Brown

I note with amusement that Iran’s leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has seriously suggested that Israel be relocated to Alaska. He defends this position by claiming that the Jewish state is “an insult to human dignity,” as reported here on the Jerusalem Post web site. He targeted America as a new location because of its support for the Israel and also proposed as an alternative a new Jewish homeland in Europe.

His statement was made against a background of massive public demonstrations in celebration of Al-Quds Day, as reported on the Post site:

In the capital Teheran, hundreds of thousands of people poured into the streets as they chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” Some protesters also burned American and Israeli flags.

Well, I have to say that there is definitely reason to be concerned about insults to human dignity, but the focus should be turned 180 degrees toward Iran itself. What can we say about a nation whose leader makes statements such as the ones reported today, not to mention repeated threats to destroy Israel, perhaps with atomic weapons now being developed in the theocracy?

Iranians and Arabs make a big point about the supposed fact that Jews displaced Muslims in what is now Israel, and decry the fact that Israel controls Jerusalem, the third most holy spot in Islam (“al-Quds is the Arab name for Jerusalem). Well, all of that may have some basis in the near-sighted view of recent history. But what if we look further back? Hmm, it seems that the early followers of Muhammad conquered Jerusalem and slaughtered or drove away its Jewish and Christian peoples. Prior to that, Jews have had a history in the region going back more than a millennium prior to Muhammad’s arrival on the scene as a bloody conquering warlord.

It also hardly bears mentioning that Jerusalem is the No. 1 holy site in both Judaism and Christianity, and the construction of a mosque on that site was an outrageous act of infamy against the “people of the book”.

Interestingly enough, there is talk among radical Muslims about a natural progression in their ongoing conquest of Europe, namely the pledge to someday convert St. Peter’s Basilica and all the cathedrals of Western Europe into mosques … precisely the program carried out in centuries past after the Islamic conquest of Jerusalem and other cities.

Which leads me to ask: Since it appears to be a Muslim goal to overrun Western Europe, why suggest it as a new location for Israel? Alaska makes some sense, since it will be a long time until Islam sweeps over that part of the world, but Europe? It’s already virtually a slam dunk to become a key part of the new Islamic Caliphate. Oh well, nothing that Ahmadinijan says makes much sense anyway, so we shouldn’t look too deeply into his rantings.

So why can’t the Muslims be content with their own No. 1 and No. 2 holy sites Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, and for those raving loonies in Iran, their own city of Qum? They will never be satisfied, because the plan as laid down for them in the Koran is for Islam to wage endless jihad until it has conquered all nations and forced every Infidel to convert or be put to the sword. In their dream of future world hegemony the only places of worship will be mosques.

Here’s an idea: In the interests of human dignity and peace, let’s relocate Iran itself, to a place where it can act out its vile hatred in a less troublesome manner. Alaska is out, because the Alaskans are heavily armed red-blooded Americans accustomed to surviving under tough conditions and the Persians wouldn’t stand a chance there. Hmm, let’s see, where could we put these hate mongers where they would no longer cause trouble?

I’ve got it! There is an ideal place, something that in fact has a lot in common with Alaska, a vast and welcoming space just waiting to receive the Iranian hordes and their looney leaders. An entire continent in fact. I refer, of course, to Antarctica. Lots of room to build mosques and rouse the rabble in endless protest against everything non-Muslim.

But, oops, that wouldn’t be fair to the penguins would it? I guess we’ll just have to let the Persian maniacs stay where they are and hope that their jingoistic ravings and export of terror will eventually cause something bad to happen to them. What they really need is a good old fashioned revolution, to run the mullahs out of office and return Iran to the realm of civilized nations. It could happen. And I, perhaps, am the Queen of Moldavia.

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