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The Tragedy of the Bat

By David L. Brown Bats have always gotten a bum rap. These furry little flying creatures have been associated with vampires, witches and ghouls for generations, and they’re the first to be blamed for rabies and other diseases. In fact, … Continue reading

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Oh How Far We Have Come!

By David L. Brown In 1965 Gordon E. Moore, a co-founder of Intel Corp., wrote a paper in which he predicted that computing power would continue to increase exponentially, that is, doubling again and again. Moore noted that since the … Continue reading

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Yours Truly Named ‘Citizen Journalist of Year’

By David L. Brown The champagne is flowing here today at Star Phoenix Base. For my work on this weblog, yours truly has been named “Citizen Journalist of the Year” for the Rocky Mountain region of the Society of Professional … Continue reading

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