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New Winds Blowing Among Religious Right?

By David L. Brown The far right in American politics has consistently opposed recognition that global warming and climate change are real problems. Traditionally, a core element in this denial has been the members of the so-called Religious Right — … Continue reading

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Specter of Famine Looms Over the Earth

By David L. Brown Well, here we go again with more news from the gathering storm of famine that is looming over the world. Most media seem to prefer reporting on the latest antics of such hilarious characters as Paris … Continue reading

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Malthusian Forces Gather World Wide

by Val Germann Yes, it’s true. The ghost of Malthus, once thought banished forever, is once again haunting planet Earth. No, you haven’t yet seen his name in the popular prints (though the FINANCIAL TIMES did mention him last week) … Continue reading

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Ethanol — The New Consumer Hype?

By David L. Brown I am in receipt of an exciting piece of news from the folks who are promoting Ethanol for the purpose of turning perfectly good food — for which there is a rising, legitimate and desperate demand … Continue reading

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Good News: Oil Prices Continue to Rise

By David L. Brown There is more news about oil prices, news that most deem bad but which in my opinion might actually be good for future prospects for the U.S. Here is the latest oil price news from the … Continue reading

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