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Lesson of the Day

By David L. Brown According to an article in the New York Times online edition today, some experts predict gasoline will hit four dollars a gallon by this Spring. The comments were based on the fact that crude oil closed … Continue reading

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Science and the Thought Police

By David L. Brown Is the probing light of science being dimmed in the interest of political expedience? Several ominous examples suggest a continuing effort on the part of government appointees to prevent scientists from speaking freely and openly. The … Continue reading

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Lake Mead May Run Dry in 6 to 13 years

By David L. Brown According to scientists at the Scripps Institute in San Diego, the vast reservoir behind Hoover Dam may run dry by the year 2021, leaving the rapidly growing city of Las Vegas, Nevada without water to sustain … Continue reading

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Agricultural Boom Is Misguided Policy

By David L. Brown According to a report in the current issue of the magazine Agri-Marketing, 2007 saw record U.S. net farm income of $87.5 billion, “buoyed by booming demand of crops for biofuel production and record exports.” This is … Continue reading

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