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World Food Prices Headed Up for 2008

by Val Germann There seems little doubt that 2008 will be a year of sharply higher food costs world wide. Today’s BBC website contains an article reporting that wheat futures have just cracked the $10.00 level and are certain to … Continue reading

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Ethanol Praised as Food Stocks Fall, Prices Rise

By David L. Brown The world is slipping into an era of shortages — shortages of clean water, shortages of energy, shortages of food in many areas. This is largely a result of human population growth and the resulting depletion … Continue reading

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Death, Taxes and Population

By David L. Brown In that innermost part of our rational brains we all know that over-population is a root cause of most or perhaps all of the environmental trouble in the world, including climate change and global warming. But, … Continue reading

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Does Bali Bust Mean Climate Catastrophe?

by Val Germann It’s obvious now that no meaningful agreement on emissions reduction will come out of the current Bali climate talks. Oh, sure, there will be some kind of announcement, of some kind of “breakthrough,” but rest assured that … Continue reading

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Midwest Takes Steps to Reduce Greenhouse Gas

By David L. Brown A new move to reduce global warming has been announced, as six Midwestern states and a province of Canada have agreed to a regional plan to cap greenhouse gas emissions. The Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord … Continue reading

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