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Bamboo Plantings in Tropics Could Help Climate

By David Ponton Everybody loves trees. We love the magic of a complete forest ecosystem, trees as front yard and back yard ornamentals, swing supports, climbing structures, shade givers. Trees stand in proud rows along beautiful streets and country lanes. … Continue reading

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More Crackpot Science from a Nobel Laureate

by Val Germann Once again meteorologist and Nobel Laureate Paul Curtzen has taken to the hustings to promote his idea that we can lick global warming by firing sulfur into the stratosphere, at least ten miles high.  Reuters summed it up like this, as … Continue reading

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Too Little Rain, Too Much Rain = Bad Karma

By David L. Brown The effects of climate change are often subtle and difficult to identify, and yet as time goes by there is mounting evidence that the changes due to global warming are real. Sadly, as scientists strive to … Continue reading

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Africa’s “Great Lakes” All Facing Destruction

by Val Germann There can be little doubt that a world wide drought is well under way.  The American west has been suffering severe water shortages for years, as has most of Australia.  Brazil is in dought, too, and the Amazon under … Continue reading

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News from Another Planet?

By David L. Brown From the latest issue of Science Magazine, 8 December 2006, pg. 1521, this news item is reprinted in its entirety. It does not even require commentary: AN INCONVENIENT DVD. The producer of Al Gore’s movie about … Continue reading

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Nissan Leading the Way to a Greener Future

By David L. Brown Too many in the world of business and industry, not to mention that odorous morass we know as politics, seem committed to studiously ignoring the need to develop more efficient, “green” alternatives to our present last-century … Continue reading

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Aussie Fires: “Like an atomic bomb.”

by Val Germann From today’s THE AUSTRALIAN comes a report that should serve as a world-wide warning of what climate change could do to much of our planet.  The last few years have seen a new type of forest fire, the “mega-fire” … Continue reading

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Climate Change Ravaging Australia?

by Val Germann It’s been a bit of a wonder to this writer that the severe and continuing Australian drought has not been getting more attention.  The situation there has become truly horrific and one of the planet’s premier grain exporters … Continue reading

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Gorillas on the Brink

by Val Germann From the BBC this morning comes some bad news that many people had been expecting, though perhaps not so soon: the gorillas of Africa, under increasing pressure from habitat destruction and human predation, are now rapidly approaching extinction.  The final blow, … Continue reading

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Is the UK the New “Tornado Alley”?

by Val Germann No doubt many Star Phoenix Base readers know by now that London was hit by a violent (150 mph) tornado this morning, a most unusual occurance, one would think.  But tornados are becoming more and more common in the … Continue reading

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