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The Vast Universe Around Us

The study of the universe has always held fascination for humankind. We at Star Phoenix Base obviously share this interest. We will provide news and comments, as well as opinions on this subject, with emphasis on how astronomical events and … Continue reading

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Bad News for Polar Bears … The Big Thaw

By David L. Brown The question of Arctic ice thinning is much in the news. Some recent publicity reports on the shrinking area of the polar ice cap, which caused me to remember an article in SCIENCE Magazine a few … Continue reading

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The Medical-Pharmaceutical Machine

By David L. Brown Modern medicine has been taken hostage by the international pharmaceutical industry, and the system is broken. This comes more clearly into focus with every passing day. The goal of the Pharm Pholks, and the medical practitioners … Continue reading

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GMO Crops—Promise or Frankenfood?

By David L. Brown Since the dawn of agriculture people been modifying animals and plants to serve humankind. By carefully selecting for desired traits through many generations, domesticated breeds of animals and plant varieties were developed. This effort laid the … Continue reading

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Giving Apes the Vote in Spain

By David L. Brown From the Spain Herald (English online edition): Socialists: Give apes human rights The Spanish Socialist Party will introduce a bill in the Congress of Deputies calling for “the immediate inclusion of (simians) in the category of … Continue reading

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Coal and Heavy Oils … Fossil Fuels of the Future?

Petroleum and the conflict it breeds dominate the world news today. However, coal and natural gas together produce as much energy for humankind as we get from oil. Within a generation natural gas will surpass petroleum as a world energy … Continue reading

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Ancient Forests Face Mindless Destruction

By David L. Brown The age-old forests of the Earth are being murdered by an onslaught of clear cutting and slash-and-burn agriculture. In particular the three largest tropical forests, those of the Congo, the Amazon, and Indonesia are being obliterated … Continue reading

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Politics and the Environment … a Study in Conflict

Politicians are loath to confront environmental issues head-on. This is a serious problem for all humanity. The reason for this may be that politicians generally do not have any answers to the threats that are looming over our planet, and … Continue reading

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Did You Hear the One About the Lawyer … ?

Law has become a morass of confusion and conflict, a kind of intellectual tragedy of the commons. In response to increasing conflict over ever scarcer resources, environmental law is too often guided by greed, personal ambition, and deception. When ecological … Continue reading

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The Economics of the Environment

Almost everything in the sphere of human activity is measured in Dollars, Pounds, Euros, or Yen. Even though money is an abstract concept that does not exist in nature, it cannot be ignored that virtually all ecological issues are viewed … Continue reading

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