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Global Extinction Crisis … Are We Next?

By David L. Brown The loss of biodiversity through the extinction of species is a significant concern for our planet. The seriousness of the situation is underlined by this excerpt is from an article that appeared in SCIENCE magazine, by … Continue reading

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Humanity’s Glorious Future on Planet Ponzi

By David L. Brown For decades we have been promised that there is a future for humankind in Space. This is one of the biggest con games to have been perpetrated on the public since Charles Ponzi and his famous … Continue reading

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Switchgrass … Energy Source of the Future? Not!

By David L. Brown President Bush told us in the SOTU address that switchgrass will solve our energy problem. “Switchgrass”? WHAT! Is the USDA going to start paying farmers to grow … switchgrass?! Well, this is something that will grow … Continue reading

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The End of the World … a Laughing Matter?

Setting all reason aside, this category on the Star Phoenix Base website is intended to provide a humorous safety valve amid a deluge of deadly serious information. Here, we will sometimes post silly, outrageous, often sarcastic commentary. Try to find … Continue reading

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Let the Sun Shine In

The Sun bathes the Earth with an enormous amount of energy every day. Our star is the source of nearly all energy on Earth … and yet, we largely ignore those powerful solar rays in favor of burning fossil fuels, … Continue reading

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Economists Blowing Smoke

By David L. Brown Economics, the dismal science, fails miserably when it comes to evaluating the long-term impact of resource depletion. If we were to apply the common-sense factors of future value to current resources, we would find them to … Continue reading

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Ford Motor Co. Gets Something for Nothing

By David L. Brown This item from describes how the generous Ford Motor Company is going to “help” its customers who buy its gas guzzling pollution-mobiles to buy themselves some freedom from guilt. Cleverly, this will cost Ford nothing … Continue reading

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How Many People Can Earth Support?

By David L. Brown In 1798, Thomas Malthus published his “Essay on the Principles of Population,” in which he predicted that a limit would be reached in the number of human beings that could be supported by the Earth. Much … Continue reading

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More Trouble Ahead for World’s Oceans

By David L. Brown Two-thirds of our planet are covered by ocean, and the seas were the source of all life on Earth. Even today, the oceans play a key role in generating weather patterns, the oxygen in our atmosphere … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power … Too Little Too Late?

By David L. Brown The development of efficient breeder reactor designs during the 1950s and 60s was followed by a virtual shut-down of construction of nuclear power plants in the U.S. Now, several decades later, President Bush said in his … Continue reading

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